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The Office of Public Accountability (OPA) is a City department established by voter approved Charter Amendment I (adopted March 8, 2011) in order to shed greater light on the DWP’s operations and finances and to serve as an independent watchdog, charged with analyzing proposed increases in water and power rates on a timely and continuous basis.   A citizen selection committee was formed to interview and select the OPA Executive Director. In February 2012, Frederick Pickel was selected and appointed Executive Director/Ratepayer Advocate (RPA).

Added Documents

OPA comments on the Feed-in-Tariff expansion to the NC DWP MOU group Date 10/5/2019 New

OPA Report on Regulatory Assets DWP Board 2018-11-2 Item 14

OPA Report on Annual Audits by Audit Firm to DWP Board 2019-09-20 item 10

OPA Report (amended) on 100% Renewable Study NREL Agreement Amendment #1 to DWP Board 2019-09-24

OPA Report on 100% Clean Energy 300 MW Feed-in-Tariff Expansion to DWP Board 2019-09-20 Item 22 NEW

OPA comments on contracting with Secureworks and FireEye, DWP Board Agenda Item 29, 2019-04-02

Eland #1 & #2 Solar and Battery Procurement, Agenda Item #23, DWP Board Meeting July 23, 2019 NEW

EV EV Infrastructure Operational Challenges presentation to DWP MOU NC group b D. Jermain, Boston University ISE: Date: June 1, 2019 NEW

OPA Report on the DWP Interim Rate Review 2019-05-23 NEW

OPA Report on the DWP Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget 2019-05-24

OPA review OTC Summary signed results 2019-04-12

OPA 2018 Exploring Low Income and Lifeline Bills 2019-04-12

OPA 2017 Exploring Low Income and Lifeline Bills 2019-04-15

OPA Report on regulatory asset accounting treatment for PBoP and stormwater capture, 10-16-2018

OPA Report on the LADWP pilot Share Solar Program, 9-25-2018

OPA update on LADWP residential water and power rates, 10-5-2018

OPA report to DWP Board on DWP outage comparisons to state and nation 2018-07-24

OPA Report to DWP Board on Intermountain Power Project Alternative Repowering Proposal 2018-06-22

OPA Report for DWP Board on FY2018-2019 Budget, 2018-05-08 Corrected

Review of the DWP Budgets & Rates, Presentation of Neighborhood Council MOU Group, 2018-05-05

LADWP Cash Compensation and Gaps with Utility Peers for Executive and Technical Professionals, 2018-04-24

WaterFix OPA Presentation to DWP MOU Neighborhood Council group 2018-04-07


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